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Whether you make a day hike or weekend of it, these hidden, Tucked away at the intersection of two valleys in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, is the popular Brainard Lake Recreation Area, with its namesake lake resting at 10,500.' The total hike round trip to Middle Blue Lake is 7.6 miles with 2,292 ft elevation gain. In the Fall, the Aspen grove comes alive with color, making for an especially memorable experience. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK. Continental Falls is a series of cascades dropping over 500 feet. You'd better allow 7 hours to fully enjoy the scenic beauty, however. Youll get glimpses of Longs Peak and Alberta Falls (in the summer). 8 to 4 miles Round TripElevation: Depends. . Learn more Take in all the wondrous sights nature has to offer as you trek your way to Lake Agnes. It makes sense to combine the visit to Island Lake with Ice Lake, as Ice Lake is about 0.5 miles away. Distance: 3.97 milesElevation: 1299 ftType: Out-and-back. Start from the Bear Lake parking lot and hike the gentle trail towards Lake Haiyaha, passing through the alluring Emerald Lake. This helps you beat those pesky thunderstorms and stay safe. This glacial lake is the largest natural lake in Colorado in terms of surface area, depth, and total water volume. Alpine Lakes Offer an Alternative to Crowded Fishing. Please note, reservations may be required for visiting the park. It looked like a decent hike that led to such a clean and . all along the way to the 14,115 foot summit of America's most . The Alpine Lakes is the largest wilderness area . My anticipation grows with each new day, as the sun burns hotter, longer, and stronger, thawing the lakes and tundra of the high country and promising a summer filled with days spent in the wilds. Not your computer? An alternative to driving on your own is to. If you are already hiking Blue Lakes Trail and made it to Lower Blue Lake, it is worth continuing up to Middle Blue Lake. This moderate hike is a great way to get the beautiful scenery of alpine lakes in Colorado without the lung-busting elevation gain. Here's a list of beautiful alpine lakes in Colorado for adventure-seeking souls. person will not be tolerated. Forsythe Canyon Round-trip Distance: 2.2 miles Trailhead: Forsythe Canyon - Lincoln National Forest Difficulty: Easy This short hike starts just outside of Boulder. Description. We can easily drive 30 minutes into high elevation aspen forests & alpine lakes when desired. Continental Falls is a series of cascades dropping over 500 feet. Gold Medal Lakes in Colorado. There's a reason Maroon Lake is arguably the most photographed lake in the state. To the left, you can see the dramatic ridgeline called Keyboard of the Winds. Distance: 5.4 milesElevation: 1,072 feetDifficulty: ModerateRed Tape and Local Tips: No dogs allowed. The drive from Crested Butte to Paonia passes West Beckwith Mountain, the best spot in the state to view foliage. There is a road where you can drive down next to the lakes, and a different road that you can drive up for views of the lakes. Many of Colorado's high lakes are found in roadless or wilderness areas. It's a roughly 12-mile trek that leads to Upper Cataract Lake below the famed Eagles Nest Mountain looming at an impressive 13,432,' then continues on to Cat Lake and ultimately to Mirror Lake, which lies at 11,020.' If you love the wildflowers, don't miss the serene trek into Eagles Nest Wilderness to Gore Lake. Hike to Chasm Lake Photo: Kyle Frost Distance: 8.02 miles Elevation: 2500 ft Type: Out-and-back And dont forget to look out for mountain goats! This lake is in the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness. Wildflowers are at their peak in July and early August, by late August, the high alpine environment begins to brown, and temperatures drop substantially overnight. Rocky Mountain National Park is a hidden gem in the Colorado Rockies. But on your way there, take moments of rest to appreciate the view of Longs Peak to the south and Tyndall Creek. Set in magnificent scenery, they are the focus of considerable settlement and a thriving tourist traffic, as well as of great scientific interest. To get to Island Lake, hike on Ice Lake Trail and after visiting Ice Lake, take a left on the trail to continue up to Island Lake. Just be sure if you ask a hiking group, you make it clear that youve already checked with good old Google. You can hike to this lake from either Bear Lake Trailhead or Glacier Gorge Trailhead. Miles from Denver: 100 miles. Toll. This robust trail near Copper travels through sculpted canyons, pine forests, and open meadows as it ascends 3 vigorous miles to a pair of pristine, Don't let this demanding 10 mile hike intimidate you, because this glistening chain of alpine lakes nestled beneath Red Peak on North Willow Creek, is an unforgettable experience everyone should enjoy. Both lakes are stunning, a gasping traverse through the Indian Peaks Wilderness. "With an ample forage base such as scuds, crayfish, terrestrials, aquatic insects these fish can live 10 plus years and grow to very . Our other most popular lakeside elopement locations in Colorado are Blue Lakes near Breckenridge and Lake Isabelle near Boulder. Length: 63 miles. Threats of harming another We strive to work together to protect public lands and fight for the well-being of our future generations so they, too, may be able to experience these landscapes. There are a lot of famous alpine lake hikes in Colorado to discover. Spalding. Before you hit the trail, there are several important things to remember. RELATED: Views are stunning and fish . Dream Lake is a high alpine lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, located east of the continental divide in northern Colorado. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy spanning alpine lake views. Getting caught in a lightning storm at altitude is dangerous, it kills people every year, so be sure to check the weather and plan appropriately. Named for its stunning waters, Emerald Lake is overflowing with beauty. From hiking around the water to fishing, boating, picnicking, and swimming . You'll take the Continental Falls via the Mohawk Lakes trail to the falls. You'll take the Continental Falls via the Mohawk Lakes trail to the falls. Huskies also thrive in Colorado - alpine lakes, cross . Blue Lakes Basin is a must for explorers of the Mount Sneffels Wilderness. The breathtaking clear blue American Lake is located in Aspen, Colorado. Some of them thought all of us had hiked into the wilderness to hear their death metal on the boombox at the lake all day. Use the 'Report' link on Heart Lake is another great option for backpackers. The trail itself is moderately wooded. That's why we send you the best local adventures, stories, and expert advice, right to your inbox. Did you know that Colorado is home to over 2,000 lakes? The Alpine Lakes Wilderness is a large wilderness area spanning the Central Cascades of Washington state in the United States.The wilderness is located in parts of Wenatchee National Forest and Snoqualmie National Forest, and is approximately bounded by Interstate 90 and Snoqualmie Pass to the south and U.S. Route 2 and Stevens Pass to the north. The cherry on top is a chance at landing a fish of a lifetime. The trail starts off steep, dropping into a valley before running flat, then climbing steeply up again. The scenery is beautiful throughout and provides many opportunities for continued exploration while at the top! Twin Lakes are two beautiful lakes located at the base of Mount Elbert, the tallest peak in Colorado. Share with Us. Tucked under Mt Elbert, Colorado's tallest peak sits two pristine alpine lakes nestled beside the town of Twin Lakes. However, in the winter months, some of the roads to various trailheads arent maintained, and this may add a substantial amount of snowy hiking to your journey. 2. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism There are few hidden gems better to explore in the mountainous state of Colorado than the high alpine waters. To get to lake and back, you're looking at an 8.2-mile trek located near Crestone. Pass by the popular Alberta Falls, but keep trekking to leave the crowds behind and find yourself in complete solitude in this vast and unbelievably beautiful wilderness. The water is gorgeous. This trail is popular and can get very crowded, so try to hike it either really early or much later in the day. This alpine-lake hike should make every Coloradan's bucket list. The total round trip hike to Island Lake with the loop is 8 miles with 2,700 ft elevation gain. Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. In fact, this is one of my favorite day hikes near Denver. Above treeline, the weather can move in quickly and even on a sunny day, the air can feel quite cool. Although the entire hike is 2.4 miles long, you will arrive at the lake in half a. Please note, reservations are required to visit the park. Winter enthusiasts can snowshoe the two to three miles up to the yurt and then onwards 2.5 miles to the lake where they can enjoy one of the most unique weekend trips from Denver. Descriptions of the best alpine lake hikes in Colorado including distance, difficulty, and elevation gain. Anglers should bring fishing gear as there are plenty of opportunities to fish for trout! You'll take the Mitchell Lake Trail, crossing Mitchell Creek and passing Mitchell Lake along the way. There are hiking trails near the lakes with great views of the lakes and surrounding mountains. Arizona has many unique hiking opportunities with a wide range of elevation, climate, and views. Distance: Varies, hikes on the property are short, its three miles to loop the lakeElevation: nothing notable.Difficulty: EasyRed Tape and Local Tips: This is a great family-friendly spot, however, there are day fees and other camping fees to use the area. If you're looking for a large and yet completely natural lake, then Grand Lake is the place to be in Colorado. Fall is a great time to visit for the changing aspens, but if you love wildflowers, consider a late-spring to summer visit. Get going on this adventure to the three beautiful Blue Lakes nestled among Colorados San Juan Range in the Uncompahgre National Forest. This popular lake is located within Maroon Bells Wilderness Area. As one of the best lake hikes in Colorado, this strenuous 12-plus mile hike is best done in two days. Since its such an iconic spot, you likely wont find yourself alone, unless you plan wisely and go early in the season, late in the evening, or during the winter. Colorado's Alpine Loop is affectionately called the " Switzerland of America" for a reason! Editor's Note:Access to some of these lakes can vary due to a number of factors, including time of year. More Information 2. Distance: 6.8 milesElevation: 1,548 feetDifficulty: ModerateRed Tape: Many 14er-enthusiasts camp here overnight before their summit bids. Distance: 23.8 milesElevation: 4,767 feetDifficulty: DifficultRed Tape and Local Tips: Dogs are welcome to use this trail. There are a total of six campsites along the route as well as at the lake. If you want to stay in town, choose nearby Frantz Lake in Salida or Buena Vista Town Lake in McPhelemy Park. Many of the most amazing lakeside views in the state are easily accessible for beginner hikers. These gorgeous alpine lakes are set in a landscape that appears to be straight from a storybook, but is actually known as the James Peak wilderness. The mountains of southern Colorado are littered with alpine lake hikes. This lake is known for the reflection you can see in the lake of 14,000 ft tall Maroon Peaks. The Loch is located at 10,200 ft in Rocky Mountain National Park. Resting at an elevation of 9,450 feet, it may come as a surprise that this scenic lake is located just 250 feet from the parking lot. Photo Credit: Breanna Sneeringer, OutThere Colorado. Distance: 4 miles in summer, 8 in winterElevation: 1,614 feet in summer, unknown to the lakeDifficulty: Easy to moderateRed Tape and Local Tips: Although there is a map on AllTrails, its not entirely accurate with distances. Here are the lessons I have learned! Photo Credit: The Gazette, Christian Murdock. Distance: 0.8 milesElevation: 32 feetDifficulty: Easy with accessibility rampsRed Tape and Local Tips: No dogs. Think again! Parking is $5 at the Summit Lake parking lot. In Colorado's lakes and streams most Cutthroats average 9 to . The wildflower lined trail is short and beautiful, clocking in at 2.1 miles round trip. Surround yourself in an amphitheater of dramatic rock and scope out of the best alpine lakes in Colorado. This ideal backpacking destination is located just minutes from the mountain town of Aspen. Come July and August, Lawn Lake is arguably the best lake for fishing in the park. Breathe in the fresh air and set up a hammock to enjoy the most incredible mountain and alpine lake backdrop. To extend your adventure, you can continue on to Isabelle Glacier. Distance: 6.5 milesElevation: 2,362 feetDifficulty: Moderate to DifficultRed Tape and local tips: Pssst, there are a lot of nearby small lakes and areas to explore here. Twin Lakes is located at the foot of the highest mountain in the entire Rocky Mountain Range along the continental divide and is also Colorados largest natural glacier lake. Once you get to the lake, focus on the right shoreline, where there is a great drop off for fish to hang out around. The best time to visit is between June and October. Distance: 3.9 milesElevation: 1,062 feetDifficulty: Easy to moderateRed Tape and Local Tips: Sometimes the road in is closed, which adds about a mile each way. 1. This adventure leads you through the Holy Cross Wilderness where youll be surrounded by beautiful forests. Most of the Alpine lakes lie in valleys that were formed during the uplift of the mountain chain of the Alps. To see most of these incredible lakes in Colorado on one road trip, check out our Colorado Road Trip Itinerary.

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